Set point mixing unit group


Set point mixing unit with thermomstatic mixing valve for the regulation of the supply flow, manual air vent and liquid crystal thermometer.

The sealing with the manifolds is guaranteed by PTM system (Pintossi soft sealing), which allow a quick and safe installation, without the use of additional sealing materials, like hemp or PTFE ribbon. Thanks to the swivel fittings located in the connection part with the manifold, the unit can be adapt to different manifolds’ interaxis.

The unit can be installed on both sides of the manifold’s composition.

Available with Grundfos UPM3 high efficiency pump.

Pump connections: 1 1/2″
Manifolds connections: 1″
Manifolds interaxis: 200-211mm
Max working temperature: 100°C
Max working pressure: 10bar
Fluids: water or glycol solutions (max 30%)
Thermostatic mixing valve temperature range: 20-55°C

CodeSize 1Size 2VersionMF

M = Handle color - F = Finishing color

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