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A dynamic company, specialized in the production of brass components

Made in Italy

Pintossi+C is strongly bound to its territory and origins. The entire productive process is located in the italian factories of Lumezzane and Gussago, in which are working more than 50 people. 

Innovation & Inspiration

Pintossi+C is a company in constant evolution and looking for new monitoring and production technologies, with the aim of the continuos improvement in terms of production efficiency and products quality. 

Total Quality

Pintossi+C founded its roots on a value called “Total Quality Management”. All the strategic activities have been insourced to allow an accurate monitoring of all the different production steps. 

Ethical commintment

Pintossi+C considers the ethical and social function inherent to the entrepreneurial role. For this reason, has been always given close attention to the participation in activities which can provide support in developing and improving the society where we live. 

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