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Pintossi+C knows no bounds in designing personalized items

Focusing on the experience gained over the years, implemented and enhanced by an ever growing cooperation with the main OEMs, which operate in the field of plumbing applications, heating systems and renewable energy, Pintossi+C is able to manage and develop any kind of solution.

Thanks to an in-house team highly qualified on the technical and customer care side, the company is specialized in translating requests from customers in new products, with a continuous support during all the different steps, from designing until the final realization.

Renewable energy

Constantly evolving, renewable energy systems may require brass elements with unique characteristics and singular structures. Pintossi+C makes itself available for the production of brass components designed for solar thermal systems, biomass hydro stoves, heat pumps, air treatment, interface systems between traditional and alternative energy systems.

Boilers manufacturers

Pintossi+C produces safety components, regulation and mixing units, boiler connection kits, filling and regulation units, automatic and manual drain cocks in brass, which are solid, functional and innovative. Thanks to our planning department and internal production line, we ensure products of excellent quality and technologically advanced.

Special applications

Our company is the ideal partner for the production of original and customized brass elements for specific sectors and technical needs. We provide our professional and production skills to create components and valves for the distribution and regulation of water, air, gas and other fluids, respecting our specific customer requests.

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