Thermostatic mixing valve with male connections for solar applications


Thermostatic mixing valve specific for solar applications with male connections and removable cartridge. The main function is to maintain constant to a set value the temperature of the mixed water, regardless the inlet hot and cold water temperature and pressure. Anti-burning function included in case of unexpeted interruption of the inlet cold water supply, avoiding potentials burns and possibility to block the mixed water temperature.

Body in forged brass
Finishing: Chromed plated
Max working pressure: 10 bar
Min inlet cold water temperature: 4°C
Max inlet hot water temperature: 90°C
Mixed water temperature range: 27°C-55°C
Fluids: water or glycol solutions (max 30%)

CodeSize 1Size 2VersionMF

M = Handle color - F = Finishing color

Thermostatic mixing valve with male connections
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