Horizontal safety group for hot water storage heaters


Horizontal safety groups for storage water heaters are composed of a safety valve, an anti-pollution check valve to prevent the return of hot water into the supply network and an anti-limescale interception screw for the closure of the circuit.

Safety groups are compliant with European legislation UNI EN 1487.

Body in forged brass
Finishing: nickel plated
Max working temperature: 120°C
Max working pressure: 10bar
Safety valve setting: 5-7bar
Safety valve tolerance: +/- 1 bar
Discharge flow rate at 8,5 bar (+20% FT): with water: >600 l/H – with steam: >220 Kg/H

CodeSize 1Size 2VersionMF
00752034503/4"5 BAR
00752034703/4"7 BAR

M = Handle color - F = Finishing color

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