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New Pintossi+C products: stainless steel pre-assembled manifolds

The range of Pintossi+C products expands with the new entry of the complete series of pre-assembled stainless steel manifolds.

The manifold series is available in different ranges, according to the needs of the system and to the installation choices:

  • Supply manifold with lockshields or flowmeters, for the right regulation and balancing of the system;
  • With end part composed of manual or automatic air vent valve;
  • With straight or angle valves with thermometer.

The set point mixing group with thermostatic head art. 8150 allows an easy temperature regulation of the supply fluid, as well as the recovery of the heat still present in the return fluid, with a consequent energy saving.

The range is completed with a series of accessories as system complement:

  • Steel boxes;
  • Thermoelectric actuators for the automated opening/closing of the various circuits;
  • Adapters for multilayer and plastic pipes for 3/4” Eurokonus outlets;
  • Splitter fitting for 3/4″ Eurokonus outlets;
  • Fitting kit for connecting high temperature manifolds.

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